Anthracite Grey House Numbers

Anthracite Grey – RAL number 7016 – the contemporary colour that tops the current exterior design trends when it comes to windows and doors. This deep rich grey has fast become a statement colour for renovations, new builds and extensions. The last few years have seen a strong association forming between beautiful anthracite grey and a modern feeling home, with even home owners of period properties opting to add the colour to the house front for a complimentary nod to contemporary design.

Anthracite Grey House Number Five

We stock anthracite grey house numbers in the famous modern font ‘Gill Sans’, and this range has been our best seller since the launch in 2015. Our customers are always telling us how the new house number is that final touch to their new porch or house front, to match doors, windows and even letter boxes!

We also offer a custom coating service so that customers can feature this beautiful grey with other styles of house numbers or lettering. Combining Anthracite Grey with more traditional styles of house numbers such as Mackintosh, Art Deco or Times New Roman can be an elegant way to add this colour to a period home. Using light with Anthracite Grey can bring a warmth to the modern look, and our LED number plaques and house names are a unique way to light up your house front.

Anthracite Grey LED House Number

One of our favorite things about this grey is the change in character of the colour as the light evolves. It has bluish notes in low dusk and dawn light (see first image of the number 5) and when you illuminate it with warm white LEDs like the 35a above it looks almost the same dark shade as slate; when viewed in bright midday sunlight the grey appears paler and subtler (see image of the house number 68 below).

Anthracite Grey House Numbers in the summer sunshine

If you are thinking about introducing this colour to your home let us help you to create a custom addition to your house front. We can apply this RAL number to any of our house names or lettering options as well as our house numbers, so contact us now for the finishing touch to your home!

Custom made lettering in Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey House Sign

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