3D House Numbers

Our newest house number range came on the market in July 2019 to meet a demand we are often asked about – 3D house numbers, chunky house numbers or thick house numbers. All our stainless steel house numbers are cut from 3mm thick stainless steel, which gives a sturdy finish and a weighty product. However we often get asked by customers to provide numbers that are much thicker for a 3D effect. Cutting thicker metal would make the numbers both very expensive to cut and to send in the post. Meanwhile in the workshop we were accumulating piles of off-cuts of 5mm acrylic from our LED signs; these products are often large, leaving us with lots of end pieces that are too small for other LED products and mounds of unused plastic destined to just be recycled.

Rather than wasting this plastic we have put it to good use in our 3D range. Our 3D house numbers will have the same 3mm thick surface of steel, and we will be re-purposing the plastic behind the numbers to create a built up look. The plastic backing not only brings the surface of the number forward, but creates an almost halo effect around the sides of the number, brightening the edges.

The number below is the number 2 in our Helvetica stainless steel house number range which you can purchase here.

With the popularity of these 3D house numbers growing we decided to also add a range of 3D numbers in the ever popular Anthracite Grey.

Although we stock in two styles and at one size 150mm high, please contact us if you have any custom requests for a 3D house number

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