Modern Front Door Ideas

Modern front door ideas for your new build or renovation project. Current modern front door design is an exciting area to venture into when completing your exterior design, as your front door and porch is usually the first impression your home can give to visitors. Below are our favourite 5 modern front door ideas:

‘Urban Front’ Contemporary Door (Credit: Pinterest)

Contemporary front door makers Urban Front use bronze and brass effects with long modern lines in many of their handle styles. We think they look particularly stylish surrounded by large glass panels like in this installation above.

Anthracite Grey Modern Door (Credit: Pinterest)

Anthracite grey is one of the most popular modern trends for front doors, windows and exterior design features. This RAL number is 7016 and our recent blog post on the colour can be read here. The beautiful grey is a lovely compliment to wood cladding or warm coloured stones such as Cotswold or sandstone. We stock house numbers to match too! Anthracite grey is provided by many door suppliers, the image above is from Composite Doors Yorkshire and Solidor also make all their modern styles in 7016.

‘Urban Front’ Contemporary doors (Credit: Pinterest)

Wood has been used as a door material for generations, and the wood finish is still very much a current trend, with countless shades and types of wood available. We love this style from Urban Front because the long handles are vertical and the wood grain is horizontal, creating an elegant finish.

Modern glass front door (Credit: Pinterest)

Doors made of glass and slender steel dividers are a beautiful modern addition to a house front, with the added benefit of bringing in light to your space. We love how the door above has been lit using soft warm white lights, which we also use in our illuminated house names and numbers. These types of doors are so simple and help create the illusion of space if you have a small entryway. This door is made by Rehme and they also offer windows in the same slender steel famed style.

Yellow Front Door (Credit: Pinterest)

Bold statement coloured front doors combined with a simple neutral coloured wall can be a dramatic yet fantastically simple way to add modern style to your house front, and doors with large surface areas and no windows will help the effect even more. We can offer a custom RAL house number design service to match a house number to the colour you choose – imagine a simple yellow number on that perfect white wall above…!