3D House Numbers

Our newest house number range came on the market in July 2019 to meet a demand we are often asked about – 3D house numbers, chunky house numbers or thick house numbers. All our stainless steel house numbers are cut from 3mm thick stainless steel, which gives a sturdy finish and a weighty product. However we often get asked by customers to provide numbers that are much thicker for a 3D effect. Cutting thicker metal would make the numbers both very expensive to cut and to send in the post. Meanwhile in the workshop we were accumulating piles of off-cuts of 5mm acrylic from our LED signs; these products are often large, leaving us with lots of end pieces that are too small for other LED products and mounds of unused plastic destined to just be recycled.

Rather than wasting this plastic we have put it to good use in our 3D range. Our 3D house numbers will have the same 3mm thick surface of steel, and we will be re-purposing the plastic behind the numbers to create a built up look. The plastic backing not only brings the surface of the number forward, but creates an almost halo effect around the sides of the number, brightening the edges.

The number below is the number 2 in our Helvetica stainless steel house number range which you can purchase here.

With the popularity of these 3D house numbers growing we decided to also add a range of 3D numbers in the ever popular Anthracite Grey.

Although we stock in two styles and at one size 150mm high, please contact us if you have any custom requests for a 3D house number

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Font

The Mackintosh font is influenced and based on the handwriting and artwork of the famous Glasgow artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh (born 1868, died 1928).

He is well known for his sculptures and watercolour paintings, and perhaps most famously his architecture. Mackintosh’s ground breaking designs used lines to create more abstract representations of the natural world. He studied art and design at the Glasgow School of Art, which he later designed a building for, named suitably ‘The Mackintosh Building’.

Glasgow School of Art

Unfortunately this beautiful building partially burnt down on the 19th October 2018, and now the most damaged areas are being rebuilt in the original, intended style so as to blend in perfectly with the remaining parts of the building. As well as designing many other buildings nationwide, Mackintosh also designed all of the fixtures and fittings in the Glasgow School of Art; below you can see his iconic flower designs evolving into architectural features. We use his iconic rose motif on our mackintosh house number plaques.

Mackintosh flower watercolour.
The original lamps in the Glasgow School of Art with flower motifs.
House Number Plaque using the Rose Motif and Mackintosh Font

Mackintosh was particularly influential across Europe, especially in France and Italy, and although reached international fame abroad, was never well renowned in Britain until after his death in 1928.

‘Life is the leaves which shape and nourish a plant, but art is the flower which embodies its meaning’ – Rennie Mackintosh

Mackintosh is famous in particular for his unique, angular style in his font and sculptural work, often decorated with extra lines and dots of your choosing. There are two options for each letter with subtle variations of shape and decoration, which means that your choice of letters in the Mackintosh font is a really special and unique design. The whole number set and alternative letter styles can both be seen below:

The Mackintosh Number Set
The Mackintosh Font – a beautiful choice for house names and lettering

We laser cut these numbers as both individual items (see number 3 pictured below) and house number plaques, and we can also use the font to create custom made house names. More information about our Mackintosh house numbers can be found here.

Stainless Steel Mackintosh House Numbers

Written by Alice Knightbridge 15.03.19

Modern Front Door Ideas

Modern front door ideas for your new build or renovation project. Current modern front door design is an exciting area to venture into when completing your exterior design, as your front door and porch is usually the first impression your home can give to visitors. Below are our favourite 5 modern front door ideas:

‘Urban Front’ Contemporary Door (Credit: Pinterest)

Contemporary front door makers Urban Front use bronze and brass effects with long modern lines in many of their handle styles. We think they look particularly stylish surrounded by large glass panels like in this installation above.

Anthracite Grey Modern Door (Credit: Pinterest)

Anthracite grey is one of the most popular modern trends for front doors, windows and exterior design features. This RAL number is 7016 and our recent blog post on the colour can be read here. The beautiful grey is a lovely compliment to wood cladding or warm coloured stones such as Cotswold or sandstone. We stock house numbers to match too! Anthracite grey is provided by many door suppliers, the image above is from Composite Doors Yorkshire and Solidor also make all their modern styles in 7016.

‘Urban Front’ Contemporary doors (Credit: Pinterest)

Wood has been used as a door material for generations, and the wood finish is still very much a current trend, with countless shades and types of wood available. We love this style from Urban Front because the long handles are vertical and the wood grain is horizontal, creating an elegant finish.

Modern glass front door (Credit: Pinterest)

Doors made of glass and slender steel dividers are a beautiful modern addition to a house front, with the added benefit of bringing in light to your space. We love how the door above has been lit using soft warm white lights, which we also use in our illuminated house names and numbers. These types of doors are so simple and help create the illusion of space if you have a small entryway. This door is made by Rehme and they also offer windows in the same slender steel famed style.

Yellow Front Door (Credit: Pinterest)

Bold statement coloured front doors combined with a simple neutral coloured wall can be a dramatic yet fantastically simple way to add modern style to your house front, and doors with large surface areas and no windows will help the effect even more. We can offer a custom RAL house number design service to match a house number to the colour you choose – imagine a simple yellow number on that perfect white wall above…!


What should I name my house? House name ideas.

House naming is a tradition that stretches back generations, and to this day is a unique way to add character to your property, whether new or old! House names originally came into being in the wealthy upper classes, who named their manors, castles and halls with links to their location, ancestry, historical events or family titles. (Norfolk House, built by the Duke of Norfolk; Blenheim Palace; named after the battle of Blenheim etc.)

Within the top 50 most popular house names we have made a bespoke house sign for almost all of them, and here are 3 of our personal favourites that have been made by us:

The Old Rectory – Stainless Steel House Name
The Lodge – LED Stainless Steel House Name
The Lookout – Anthracite Grey House Name

The tradition of naming homes has grown over the centuries and now choosing a house name is often the finishing touch on a renovated property, a new build or simply a lovely way to call a new home your own when moving in. House names today are inspired by whatever you feel a connection to – everything from location, local or family history, flora & fauna, literature and legends, to simply the type of tree that stands in the front or back garden.

Although we are asked for house names that are on the popular lists all the time, we have also created house names for homes with quirkier titles. We have made signs for ‘The Cowshed’ ‘Camelot Gardens’ ‘Blue Haze’ ‘Fade to Grey’ ‘Aurora’ ‘Zephyr Hills’ and many more. Our favourite more unusual house names are below:

Merlins – Powder Coated Black House Name
The Upside Down House – Custom Lettering
Lamorna – Stainless Steel House Name
Wits End – LED House Name

There are no right or wrong house names, simply the name that fits both you and your property. Every week one of our many enquiries will request a unique house name we have never heard of, that sparks our imagination – ‘What would an Upside Down House look like?’ ‘I wonder if Rose Tree Cottage has a pink rose bush or a white?’ ‘What can you see from The Lookout?’ Get creative and take your inspiration from the features of the house or the garden, use family names, dog names or choose a popular classic name that fits your home!  We have even had anagrams or combinations of all the family’s first names to create totally unique words.

Once you have made a decision on the right name for your home it is essential that you follow the correct procedure for re-naming homes. It is useful to note that you cannot remove a house number, only add a house name to the address so that both feature. This handy guide from The Telegraph will talk you through the protocol here in the UK. We are always happy to provide signage that contains both a house name and number, so once you are all set with informing the appropriate parties then get in touch for a quote.

8 Dale Bank – LED House Name

Anthracite Grey House Numbers

Anthracite Grey – RAL number 7016 – the contemporary colour that tops the current exterior design trends when it comes to windows and doors. This deep rich grey has fast become a statement colour for renovations, new builds and extensions. The last few years have seen a strong association forming between beautiful anthracite grey and a modern feeling home, with even home owners of period properties opting to add the colour to the house front for a complimentary nod to contemporary design.

Anthracite Grey House Number Five

We stock anthracite grey house numbers in the famous modern font ‘Gill Sans’, and this range has been our best seller since the launch in 2015. Our customers are always telling us how the new house number is that final touch to their new porch or house front, to match doors, windows and even letter boxes!

We also offer a custom coating service so that customers can feature this beautiful grey with other styles of house numbers or lettering. Combining Anthracite Grey with more traditional styles of house numbers such as Mackintosh, Art Deco or Times New Roman can be an elegant way to add this colour to a period home. Using light with Anthracite Grey can bring a warmth to the modern look, and our LED number plaques and house names are a unique way to light up your house front.

Anthracite Grey LED House Number

One of our favorite things about this grey is the change in character of the colour as the light evolves. It has bluish notes in low dusk and dawn light (see first image of the number 5) and when you illuminate it with warm white LEDs like the 35a above it looks almost the same dark shade as slate; when viewed in bright midday sunlight the grey appears paler and subtler (see image of the house number 68 below).

Anthracite Grey House Numbers in the summer sunshine

If you are thinking about introducing this colour to your home let us help you to create a custom addition to your house front. We can apply this RAL number to any of our house names or lettering options as well as our house numbers, so contact us now for the finishing touch to your home!

Custom made lettering in Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey House Sign

Why choose 316 marine grade steel for your house number?

What exactly is ‘stainless steel’ and do you need 316 stainless for your house number or house name?

When it comes to choosing the right steel for your external numbers or signage there can be a lot of misleading information. All steels have a basic iron and carbon composition, but stainless steel will also contain chromium and nickel, and it is this alloy that gives stainless its famous resistance to corrosion in wet conditions.

There are multiple grades in the ‘stainless’ category, each with a slightly different alloy composition, and therefore slightly different characteristics when it comes to durability. The two most common grades of stainless steel are 304 and 316 which are the grades that we use of the manufacture of our house numbers and house names.

Our range of modern 316 house numbers.

316 is the superior option due to the presence of molybdenum, an alloy that enhances corrosion resistance even further. 316 stainless steel is often called ‘marine grade stainless’ as it is resistant to the salt corrosion that happens in coastal areas where the sea-salt gets into the air. Whilst this exceptional quality grade is often used for producing exterior signage it is simply not necessary if you live inland, and you can save money by opting for the lower grade of 304 which will be perfectly weather resistant if sea salt is not in the air.

So how close to the sea will I need 316 grade house numbers?

Generally speaking we advise within 3km of the sea is the necessary area for 316 numbers, however geographical considerations such as estuaries and islands can also play a part in the way sea salt influences the surroundings. For example customers on Jersey, Guernsey or other UK islands will have sea salt coming from all directions even if they live in the centre of the island so 316 would always be advisable. Take a look at the map below of the river dart in Devon; the pin in the map is 5km from the coast line, but right on the shore of a river estuary, where the tide is rising and falling every day. The hills either side of the river mouth will also help to channel the wind up the river from the sea, and so the salt level in the air will be much higher.

5km away from the coast, but right next to a river estury. We would reccomend a 316 steel here!

Which of your house numbers are 316 grade?

We offer 8 stock styles of 304 stainless steel house numbers, as well as a stock range of modern 316 house numbers. We can also cut these styles to order in the alternate grade, and offer a custom font service for your house number if you can’t see something you like. All our bespoke signage can be produced in either  grade too!

Our bespoke house names can be laser cut in either 304 or 316 grade depending on your location.

Do you offer other materials that are okay for use by the sea?

Power coatings can be applied to any of our products and these durable industrial coatings can be used on signage right next to the sea. We regularly coat in Anthracite Grey and Black, but any RAL number can be used to match in with any other architectural features in your home or for a pop of colour. ‘The Lookout’ sign below was installed onto an amazing holiday rental property in Wyke Regis, Dorset where the coastal elements hit the anthracite grey surface daily.

Anthracite Grey sign installed right next to the sea in Dorset.

How big should my house number be?

One of the most common questions we get asked before our customers’ make a purchase is ‘how big should my house number be?’

The answer is very hard for us to advise without being able to stand outside the property, so here are 5 questions to help you make the right decision for your home.

1. How far back from the street is your property?

In order to determine the ideal house number size you will need to get a general idea of what distance your number will be viewed at. Our 150mm high stainless steel numbers are our best selling size, and generally speaking these are readable 10-15m away. We also stock larger house numbers at 250mm high and these would be readable at about 20-25m away.

Do you want your house number to be a big statement or simply clearly legible from the road?

2. What surface are you fixing to?

The colour and texture of the installation surface can influence how readable your number will be. For example we usually recommend black house numbers or grey house numbers for installation onto a white rendered wall, as stainless steel can get lost against the white. If your wall is particularly uneven and textured then a larger number would be a better option to ensure it is clearly legible against the wall. For front doors our most popular choice of height is 95mm high, for a clear nicely proportioned door number.

These modern anthracite grey house numbers have been installed onto a white rendered wall for fantastic contrast.

2. Is there a specific area on the wall or door you want to fill?

If you have a particular space, for example a pillar or a panel of the door then this needs to be taken into consideration. Ideally there should be an area around the numbers left free to help with the overall look: taking the numbers to the very edge of a space will make things look crowded. To help our customers we can provide a visual of your chosen style at the height you think is right. For example if you live at a number 230 and want the 150mm size, then we can draw this up to show you the overall effect and total combined width of the numbers.

These door numbers at 95mm high have been chosen to specifically fill a door panel each but still leave space either side.

3. What style of house number are you choosing?

The style of your house number can impact how easy it is to see, for example if you compare our Impact House Numbers with our Century House Numbers there is a huge difference in the surface area of the steel, which ultimately affects how easy it is to read. The Century House Numbers and Serif House Numbers are a lovely choice for a period property, but they are very slender and delicate so you may want to consider sizing up on these styles.

These ‘impact’ house numbers at 150mm high fill this pillar perfectly and have a big surface area to contrast against the stone.

4. Is your property on a well-lit street?

If your street is dimly lit you may want to consider an LED house number, which will help to guide visitors to your front door. Our LED numbers are completely IP rated for outdoor use and are adaptable for installation with dusk till dawn sensors or a timer. If LEDs are not for you but you are not on a well lit street then a larger stainless steel number would be preferable to any of our powder coated ranges – the stainless steel surface will catch the light at certain times of day and reflect the headlamps of cars arriving at your home.

These LED house numbers with warm white lights will illuminate your house front.

How big is too big for a house number?

If you aren’t afraid to make a statement and have the space then your house number is yours to create! Whilst 95mm 150mm and 250mm are the most common choices, creating a custom house number can be the way to go when it comes to adding the finishing touch to a house front. We can produce up to 800mm length parts and help you to create something that can’t possibly be missed! Take a look at ‘We Love Home’ blog to see how blogger Maxine used our service to make a beautiful No. 8 (pictured below).

How big should my house number be? We can create house numbers of any size!

Welcome to the housenumbers blog!

Welcome to The House Numbers blog! At www.housenumbers.co.uk we specialise in creating the perfect finishing touch to a property. We spend all our days creating custom house numbers and bespoke house names, so this blog will bring together our products and the inspiration we gather for them: pictures of beautiful homes we encounter, the latest in architecture, front door styling and lots more! We will also be blogging about running a small family business and the challenges that face smaller online companies in an ever-changing marketplace.

Housenumbers Limited was established in 2005 by Katherine & Charles Ellis, after their family failed to find a house number they loved for a new house extension. The number 17 in a circle, which now forms part of our corporate image, was admired by friends and neighbours to such an extent that the business just took off from word of mouth recommendations. Katherine, Charles and their daughter Josie now run the business full time, aided by a small and dedicated team who help bring everything together. September 2018 saw expansion into a larger business premises and the purchase of new equipment including our own laser cutter, so it is truly an exciting time to start documenting the behind the scenes of our family business!

1 meter wide sign featuring the company logo, created for our new business premises in october 2018. Click on the image to see more of our bespoke work.